Embracing the Snow in the Wintertime | Boston Family Photographer


Every year, the first snowfall takes me by surprise. When we got several inches of snow this past November, I kept saying, “But it was warm until January last year!” Then my niece reminded me that we had hard ice last Thanksgiving.

We got several inches in the middle of November this year, and I had expected it to melt before this family session but it was just too cold for that. Luckily, these three were happy to roll with the punches and we had a grand time playing in the white stuff!


Photographing dogs in the snow is one of my favorite things to do. This golden wasn’t the least bit chilly—after all, she had her coat on. She loved munching on the snow and walking around with her sweet boy.


I always bring my waterproof blanket, so we put that down on the ground and had a little snow “picnic”.


Whenever we do outdoor sessions in the cold, I always suggest bundling your kids up. This cutie pie was completely prepared, with multiple layers, a couple of hats, and a very jaunty pair of striped mittens.


And those rosy cheeks. Could anything be better?

Looking forward to capturing more snowy photos this winter!

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