Why You Shouldn't Be Bummed About a Cloudy Day Session | Wellesley Family Photographer

Worried that your Boston family photography session is happening on a cloudy day? Don’t fret! Some of the best photos that I’ve taken have happened on overcast days. Here are the benefits!

While you know I love a sunny day more than anyone, when I look back at my portfolio it’s often the cloudy sessions that stand out.

On the day of this family’s beach session, storms were rolling through but it was the only weekend they could swing a shoot. We were all heading to the North Shore from Metrowest Boston, so some special planning had to take place on both ends, and we decided to make it happen, rain or shine.

The biggest benefit to cloudy days? We can photograph your family in any direction, because the clouds create a giant diffuser for clean, soft light. This Wellesley, Massachusetts family had gorgeous, clean light on their cloudy beach day session.

Luckily, the rain stopped for our shoot (and started again afterward). And while we had all been hoping for sunshine, there were so many silver linings to this somewhat chilly, cloudy session.

For one thing, we had the entire beach to ourselves! It was really easy to find each other in the big, empty parking lot, and we could run around as much as we wanted to without getting in anyone’s way. Yes, this was the beach, but it happens to be the case at most parks and other locations on cloudy/stormy days, too!

A collage of photos from a Wellesley family’s beach day session on a cloudy September day.

Also, when it’s cloudy we have more flexibility to shoot in any direction. When it’s sunny, we have to focus on shooting in one direction, but the clouds act as a giant diffuser, creating soft, beautiful light in all directions. This is especially great for candid shots of kiddos.

Little boy on the beach during his family’s photo session on a stormy day in Greater Boston. Cloudy days don’t ruin family photos—quite the contrary! Cloudy days make for some of the most beautiful family photos, with saturated colors and beautiful light.

And finally, the colors are beautiful and saturated, and the light is incredibly clean on cloudy days. In the fall, that foliage really pops on cloudy days. In the spring, the flowers show their truest colors on cloudy days. And during this session, against the ocean and the silver sky, this family’s beauty really stood out.

Beautiful Wellesley Boston family sitting at Crane Beach on a cloudy day in September. Cloudy days are just as beautiful as sunny days for family photos!

So if your session lands on a cloudy day, don’t fret. We’ll capture gorgeous photos of your family, and who knows? They might wind up being your favorites of all time!

Brothers sitting on the boardwalk at Crane Beach. Cloudy days can be awesome for family photos in Greater Boston because you can face in any direction and capture beautiful photos! This image wouldn’t have been possible on a sunny day.