Where to Shop for Photo Ready Outfits: For the Ladies (head's up, moms!) | Metrowest Boston Family Photographer

I always suggest starting with mom for family outfit planning! Photo of family walking in a field, with a beautiful mom wearing a long, flowy dress in sunshine yellow with a floral pattern.

My top suggestion when getting your family ready for photos is to start with mom. Why? Because moms ground the photos, and oftentimes mom’s outfits are a perfect jumping off point for everyone else’s outfits.

But where should you begin?

Where to begin when choosing outfits for moms. Beautiful mom and daughter in long dresses during a summertime family photo session in Greater Boston.

Client Styling App

I always recommend starting with my styling app, which my clients can access through my client welcome lounge. The app will ask you a few questions about your family, then put together gorgeous coordinating outfits for your whole family. It’s like magic! You can either buy straight from the app (most options are fairly affordable) or just use it for inspiration.

Piper and Scoot

Piper and Scoot is focused on creating clothing specifically with motherhood in mind. These simple, sweet dresses have an Anthropologie vibe, and are made to work with your body whether you’re just want a cute everyday dress, have a growing baby bump, or are in a postpartum period.

Some favorites: The Moon floral maxi dress, The Parklan embroidered maxi dress, The Chenola lace knee-length dress

Dress from the Joy LeDuc Photography client closet. Beautiful mom with newborn and toddler girls in their nursery in Wayland, Massachusetts. Wayland newborn photographer.


I love this online shop for both mamas and daughters! Their dresses have a romantic flair to them, with plenty of beautiful textures and colors. There’s nothing better than a full length skirt with a bit of room to show movement, and their dresses are perfect for that.

Some favorites: Catrinna dress, Aniya dress, Maya dress


Like many of you, I’ve been trying to limit the number of times I buy things from Amazon these days, but sometimes you need an outfit, like, tomorrow. I’ve had very good luck with maxi dresses from Amazon! I’ll caution you to do one very important thing: read the reviews. Look through the customer photos. Don’t just click “buy now”!

Some favorites: Milumia flowy maxi dress, R.Vivimos boho maxi, VERABENDI off-the-shoulder maxi

What to wear for family photos: start with mom. Client closet for Joy LeDuc Photography moms. Beautiful couple standing on a hill in Framingham, MA during golden hour with their fluffy corgi!

The Client Closet

Over the summer, I began building a client closet just for mamas! Think of it as a lending library of photo-ready dresses. As this collection grows, I’ll update you regularly so that you can keep up with what’s in stock. I try to focus on finding dresses that will work for a number of body types and shapes. If you see something there that you like but isn’t in your size, let me know and I’ll see what I can do!

A note about dressing for fall…

Here’s a question I got recently: “I love the long, flowy dresses I’ve been seeing on your Instagram feed, but my photos will be in the later part of fall. What should I do?”

Layer, layer, layer!

Yes, maxi dresses can totally work in the cooler months! I recommend adding leggings, a bodysuit, warm socks, and boots underneath, and chunky belted sweaters, cropped jackets, and scarves on top. Being warm doesn’t mean giving up on style. And remember, my sessions involve a lot of movement, so you might warm up pretty quickly anyway.

Still have questions about what to wear for your family photo session? We can definitely speak more during your pre-session consultation, or you can email me at any time. I love styling my clients!