What to Wear for Babies and Toddlers | Boston Family Photographer


When families are getting ready to bring their babies and toddlers in front of my camera for a photo session, I always get questions about what kinds of outfits photograph well.

The good news is that little ones always look cute! But to help with your planning, I’ve pulled together some of my favorite microfashion inspiration.

Solid basics are always a great option for baby photo sessions. Baby photographer Boston, Sudbury family photographer, natural light.
This fashionable family dressed their family in neutrals for their baby’s photography session. Sudbury family photographer, Boston family photos, microfashion.

This little guy had several outfit changes during his photo shoot and all of them were perfection! I love this classic, neutral onesie, which makes these photos timeless.

Toddler girl in boho dress for Sudbury family portraits. Boston family photographer, natural light, candid.

This little one has her own boho chic style, and I love that her mom totally went with it for their family photos! When kids are wearing clothes that make them feel good, they rock their photos!

Baby in suspenders looking out the window. What to wear babies toddlers. Family photography Boston.

Babies in suspenders. Need I say more?

Newborn baby boy in neutral outfit. Sudbury newborn photographer. Natural light.

Neutrals always photograph nicely. I suggest staying away from very bright colors because they can reflect onto the faces of little ones, making them look red or green. Neutrals keep skin tones looking soft and natural.

Baby in overalls! Boston family photographer shares favorite outfits for baby portrait sessions.

Tiny overalls are perfection! They stay on well no matter how much rolling and crawling happens. No fuss, no muss.

Cable knit sweaters. Baby fashion tips from family photographer Boston. Lifestyle, natural light.

Babies in tiny sweaters are just the best! I love a cozy sweater for the fall and winter months, especially when paired with little socks and leggings. While this is a lot of pattern with the carpet, the sweater grounds the outfit in this impromptu shot that I took while friends were visiting my home.

I hope these help to inspire your choices as you prepare your baby or toddler for their photo session! I can’t wait to see what you choose!

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