What to Do When Kids Hate Having Their Photos Taken | Boston Family Photographer

Does your child hate having their photo taken? The best tips for keeping anxious kids happy during family portraits. Boston family photographer Joy LeDuc.

My dear friends in Sudbury, Massachusetts have two beautiful daughters, one of whom hates having her photo taken by anyone outside of their family. Of course, as a family photographer this is something that I run into from time to time, and here’s how we deal with it: play and long lenses.

Keeping sessions active and including a lot of play helps everyone to loosen up—especially anxious kids. Sudbury, Massachusetts family photographer Joy LeDuc on how to work with kids who are camera shy.

By focusing on playing, there’s less tension and anxiety for the kiddo in question. For every family, regardless of how their kids feel about photos, my suggestion to parents is to focus on their kids. This helps everyone to relax and ease into the session.

Playing games and keeping things light helps to take the pressure off of camera shy kids. Sudbury, Massachusetts family photos. Fall family photos. Lifestyle photography.

Long lenses allow me to stay pretty far away from your family so that it’s almost as though I’m not there. While I don’t have a paparazzi-style lens, I do have some pretty decently long lenses that will give your kiddos time to warm up and get into the snuggling and playing that you want to capture for your family memories.


And lastly, when all else fails, we take the attention off of them and put it elsewhere—on you!

Camera shy kids? We’ll take the focus off of them and turn it on you for a few! Sudbury family photographer Joy LeDuc. Massachusetts natural light photographer.

Or their siblings, if they’re hamming it up like this sweetie was.

I always try to get a photo of each child with each parent! Greater Boston family photography in Sudbury, Massachusetts. Serving the Metrowest suburbs.

We captured some beautiful memories last fall, and I know we’ll get even more at their family session this September!

P.S. Have you scheduled your fall family session yet? Spots are already booking up quickly, so get in touch now if you want to secure a spot!

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