Personal Project 2019: Springtime Haircut for Kona | Boston Family and Pet Photographer

My fluffy corgi Kona gets a haircut for spring! Boston pet and family photographer Joy LeDuc.

Spring is finally here and with it comes muddy paw season! Actually, Kona’s hair was so long that it was more like muddy ENTIRE BODY season.

Kona is a fluffy corgi, which means that she has a genetic quirk that makes her fur keep growing. It’s basically the most adorable genetic mutation! That means every few months she needs a haircut. As a reminder, this is what she looked like before:

Kona and Louie playing in the snow! Kona has her winter coat. Fluffy corgi, rescue dog. Boston photographer.

Her winter coat is beautiful and it keeps her warm, but it’s so hard to keep up with when it gets muddy outside. Mud just wipes right off of Louie, but Kona needs a bath every single time. Hence, the haircut.

The other thing is that Kona has been on a little bit of a diet because she had reached an unhealthy point. We substituted some of her food for frozen green beans, which she doesn’t seem to mind at all! But it was all the more surprising to pick her up from the groomer because she looked EVEN SMALLER.

Kona looks like she’s lost about 10 pounds here after her haircut and her green bean diet! Corgi, Boston photographer.

As I write this, she keeps walking into the room and I have to do a double take. Not only is she so much smaller, but she’s a totally different color! Oh, my little loaf of bread, it’s as though we’ve cut off all her crusts.

Louie keeps sniffing her to make sure it’s still Kona.

Louie sniffing Kona. Is this an April fools’ joke? Boston family photographer Joy LeDuc. Personal project.

How’s that for a makeover story? Hello, spring!

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