Mommy and Me Wildflower Session in Framingham, MA | Greater Boston Family Photographer

Greater Boston family photographer Joy LeDuc captures mother and daughter atop a hill, surrounded by wildflowers during golden hour in the summertime.

Have you gone through any big life changes? I’ve gone through many in the last 15 years, and each of them has helped me to get a little bit closer to the happy life that I live now—a large part of that being that I left the world of higher education to become a Greater Boston family photographer!

This gorgeous mama and her lovely little girl are going through a big transition right now, and wanted to celebrate their new future together with a special mommy and me session.

Beautiful mother and daughter walking down a Framingham, Massachusetts hill covered in wildflowers during their family portrait session in Greater Boston.
Beautiful mom walking uphill among the wildflowers in Framingham, Massachusetts during her Greater Boston family photography session.

While lots of families are focused on taking photos in the fall, the summertime is awesome for so many reasons. Usually, we have more golden sunsets, and in locations like this one, we have so many wildflowers!

Mother and daughter smell the Framingham, Massachusetts wildflowers during their golden hour family portrait session. Greater Boston natural light photographer. Lifestyle photography.

The scenery is a little bit less ephemeral, too. These wildflowers will still be going strong when I go back in a couple of weeks.

Little A loves being in front of the camera, but she was insistent that she get to wear her sequined crown. After getting plenty of good ones with just her and mom, we gave her the green light to put on her special accessory.

5-year-old Framingham, Massachusetts girl wearing her sequin crown while standing among the wildflowers (which are almost as tall as she is!). Photo by Greater Boston family photographer Joy LeDuc.
Mother in a long boho dress twirling five-year-old daughter during their sunset family portrait session in Framingham, MA. Greater Boston family photography. Summertime family photos.
Mom and daughter lying in a field of wildflowers during their Framingham, Massachusetts family photography session during the summertime. Greater Boston mommy-and-me photography session.

I’m so glad that we did, because these photos really capture who she is right now. Five years old and so sure of herself. So full of spunk and personality. I hope that she stays this way, always, even if the crown eventually goes by the wayside.

Mom laughing as daughter gives her a big kiss during their Framingham, Massachusetts family photography session. Golden hour in Greater Boston. Natural light lifestyle photography.

Documenting life during these transitions can be tough because transitions are busy times. But stopping to make the time for them allows you to mark the time, like a chapter in your own novel. Saying to yourself, this is the beginning of a new period, and I get to write my story, is so empowering.

Five year old talking with her mouth wide open while mom laughs, holding her. Boho family photography session in Framingham, Massachusetts.
Close up of five-year-old girl holding a wildflower during her family portrait session in Framingham, Massachusetts. Greater Boston family portraits with natural light photography.

Do you want to document this time in your family’s story? Send me an email and let’s talk about how we can capture this beautiful time together.