How to Plan Your Quintessential New England Fall Photo Session | Boston Family Photographer

Mid-October fall family photos in Concord, Massachusetts. How to plan your quintessential New England family photos in the autumn.

Oh, the middle of October is absolutely the best part of fall! Although you can never quite predict when the leaves will change, usually they’re just beginning then as they were for this gorgeous Sudbury, Massachusetts family’s session.

With two little guys, this session was full of running and playing. They just lit up whenever I asked them to run around, and it’s hard to deny the magic of kids in action—especially in the fall.

This Sudbury, Massachusetts family’s little boys were so happy to run and play during their family photo session! My top tips for getting a prime fall day for Boston family photography.

Plan Early

Fall is by far the busiest time of year for Greater Boston family photographers. This is because the foliage is so beautiful but also because the holidays are right around the corner. So the key to getting a fall family photo session easily and on a date that works for you is this: book ASAP.

Top tip for getting one of the prime days for family photos in Greater Boston in the fall: plan early. Many of these spots are already filled by June or July! Sudbury family portraits. Golden hour photography.

I can’t emphasize this enough! By the time August rolls around, most family photographers’ weekends are fully booked from September through November. Spring and early summer are the ideal time to lock in a session date.

Hint: The peak time for foliage changes every year, but it usually tends to fall in mid-to-late October.

Choose an Autumnal Spot

There is SO MUCH charm in New England! But keep in mind that a popular spot will likely be busy during this season of family photos.

I always suggest consulting with your family photographer (I’d love for that to be me!) about what you’re looking for in a location.

Choosing a location for fall family photos in Greater Boston. In the fall, the foliage can be unpredictable! If you can be flexible, I’ll let you know where the foliage is the most vibrant as we get closer to your session. Concord, Massachusetts family portraits in the fall.

I’ve had clients say, “I’m looking for a spot with a rock wall” or “I REALLY want to find a bright orange tree, if possible.” The beauty of asking your photographer for help in choosing a spot is that they’ll likely find you both the rock wall AND a spot with beautiful light (among other fun features), which is what will give your family photos that magical glow.

Pick Flexible Outfits

Fall in New England can be unpredictable. It will feel like summer one day and winter the next. My suggestion in choosing outfits for fall family photos is this: go for layers!

Choose outfits that can be layered upon for family portraits in the fall. Weather in Greater Boston can vary greatly during these autumnal months! This Sudbury family chose coordinating outfits that could be added or subtracted on based on the weather.

As a mom, you might choose a maxi dress with boots (if it’s chilly) or sandals (if it’s unexpectedly warm) and a fuzzy vest or scarf. Dads, maybe a button down shirt with jeans and a sweater. Same idea for kiddos.

And like I mentioned with booking, the same idea applies here: begin planning early. My clients have access to my online styling tool, which makes things really easy and typically allows everyone to find something within an affordable price range.


And by flexible, also think: comfortable! We’ll be doing a lot of movement in your photos, so choose outfits that you’re comfortable sitting, standing, dancing, and walking in.