The First day of fall in Lincoln, Massachusetts | Boston Family Photographer

Everyone wants those quintessential New England family photos in the fall. Here’s how to make sure you get a spot and love your photos. Boston lifestyle photographer Joy LeDuc.

One of the things that’s most special to me as a Boston family photographer is seeing families multiple years in a row. I’m filled with wonder at the ways kids grow and change over the course of a single year.

These two little dudes felt so grown up to me this year compared to last! Baby brother was only just sitting up by himself during last year’s session, and this year he was running around. Big brother had so much new vocabulary and, by comparison, was practically a teenager! (Okay, that might be a BIT of an exaggeration, but not much.)

These little guys are growing up so fast! I love capturing all of their changes from year to year. Here are my tips to making sure your family gets first pick for fall family photos in Greater Boston.

Our session took place on the first truly cool day of fall, which was perfect because they were dressed for it! I loved the way that the light that day made all of their colors pop on camera. This beautiful family is also full of personality, which makes them so much fun to photograph.

There are only so many weekends for fall family photos! The best way to snag a date with a great Boston family photographer is to PLAN AHEAD. Get in touch as soon as you have a date in mind and make sure it’s solidly set in your calendar.
Choosing a beautiful autumnal spot in Greater Boston can be tough, because often the popular spots attract crowds. My recommendation: consult with your photographer. They’ll not only help you find a spot that fits your vision, but they’ll know of locations that work well for photography considerations like beautiful light, foliage, and low foot traffic.
Wear outfits that you can move in! It’s so important to think ahead when planning for family photos. Stick with layers and use my client styling tool in order to make things easy—and flexible—for whatever the New England weather throws at us.

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