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Creating a serene environment for in-home newborn sessions is key to getting dreamy photos—and to enjoying your photo shoot. Framingham family photographer Joy LeDuc.

As a Boston family photographer, the warm (and even cool-but-not-cold) weather months are mostly spent outdoors, which I absolutely love. But there’s something so peaceful about being indoors for a newborn session.

Choosing outfits that coordinate with your decor creates beautiful, sweet photos that allow the eye to focus on the star of the show—your newborn! In-home family portraits in Greater Boston.

This Framingham family has a gorgeous home, and they did a wonderful job of getting it ready for their newborn session. In addition to their precious son, photographed here at less than a week old, their sweet toddler girl joined in on the photos. We had met during their maternity session, so we were already pals by the time I came over to see her new baby brother!

In addition to getting lots of photos of the newborn, I also love to get photos of the older siblings during sessions while that baby is breastfeeding or in need of a break. Greater Boston newborn photography. In-home photography Massachusetts.
Happy big sister during her baby brother’s in-home newborn photography session in Framingham, Massachusetts. These are a few things you can do to create a peaceful environment for your new baby. Boston family photographer Joy LeDuc shares her top tips.

In addition to following the suggestions I made about preparing for their in-home newborn session, this family did a few extra things to create an ideal environment for their photos, and it shows in how serene these images are.


First, they had a couple of outfits prepared for both their little girl and their baby boy, as well as some extra swaddles handy. Consider the color scheme of your home and work to complement what already exists. Since this home is so bright and airy, pale neutrals were the perfect choice.

Choosing outfits within one palette that coordinate with your home will help to create cohesive and beautiful images for your in-home family photos. Boston family photography. Framingham newborn lifestyle portraits.
Sweet newborn baby boy portraits in Framingham, Massachusetts. In-home family photography in Greater Boston. Lifestyle photographer Joy LeDuc.

They also kept the house at a comfortable temperature for the baby and fed him ahead of time. While he did get a feeding in the middle of the session, he was already relaxed and happy when I arrived. This is especially important when older siblings are present so that we can get those full family shots in right off the bat.

Full family portraits during a newborn session in Framingham, Massachusetts. In-home lifestyle photography in Metrowest Boston.
Sleepy, happy babies are ideal for newborn sessions. Make sure they’re well fed before your session begins to make the best use of your time with a family photographer. Framingham newborn photography.

Big sister was happy because they had snacks on hand! Having good treats handy serves two purposes: one, to avoid hangry meltdowns and two, rewards. Becoming an older sibling and having all this attention on the baby can be difficult, which can result in even shorter attention spans. Having something for older kids to look forward to is really important to creating an ideal environment.

Older siblings benefit from getting to know me before the newborn session by meeting at the maternity session! This makes it easier and more comfortable for them once the new baby arrives. Framingham newborn photography. Lifestyle photography Massachusetts.

Post-feeding, they put on some classical music and we captured these peaceful photos in the bedroom. Music always helps babies to fall asleep, and it also helps the grown-ups to relax. I have Pandora on my phone and am always happy to put on some quiet music during your session.

Turning on some calming music creates a serene environment for everyone during a newborn session. Framingham in-home newborn photography. Boston family photographer. Lifestyle photography.
Creating an ideal environment for in-home newborn sessions. Framingham in-home lifestyle photography. Greater Boston family photographer.

Lastly, they had an extra set of hands available. Newborn sessions typically last an hour and a half to two hours, so if older siblings are present it’s a good idea to have someone around to entertain them while we get photos of the newborn, or parents and the newborn.


This grandma had flown in from Korea and was so helpful in taking care of the big sister while we got some photos of mom and dad with the baby. As a bonus, we got some beautiful shots of her with the baby!

Consider having an extra set of hands available during your in-home newborn session, especially if an older sibling is present. Greater Boston newborn photography.

Thank you to this lovely family for inviting me to photograph them with their new little love!

Framingham in-home newborn session. Greater Boston family photographer Joy LeDuc. Preparing for your in-home newborn photo shoot.

Are you welcoming a new baby soon? I would love to capture this sweet time in your life. Let’s talk!

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