How to Celebrate Special Times Within Your Family | Greater Boston Family Photographer

It’s a very special time for this family! Andrea lives here in Maynard, and her husband’s brother’s family is staying with them for three weeks as they prepare to move from Providence, RI to Seattle, WA. She wanted to document these tiny cousins together because it could be some time before they’re all in the same place again.

Three girl cousins and their moms at Acton Arboretum. Springtime golden hour session. Boston family portraits with Joy LeDuc.

After days and days of rain, we were so fortunate to have such a beautiful day for this session.

Beautiful springtime light at the Acton Arboretum in Greater Boston. Family photographer Joy LeDuc.
Feeling like summer! May blossom photos at Acton Arboretum in Greater Boston. Family Photographer Joy LeDuc.

The light was truly golden and beautiful, and the girls looked absolutely angelic in it. The coolest thing was that they were wearing dresses that belonged to their great grandmother when she was a baby!

Wearing her great grandmother’s baby gown. Golden hour toddler portraits. Acton Arboretum, Massachusetts.
Putting babies in antique hand-me-downs from older generations is a beautiful way to incorporate family history into portraits. Acton Arboretum golden hour family portraits. Boston family photographer Joy LeDuc.
Capturing all the sweet springtime light. Cousins photo shoot. Golden hour at Acton Arboretum. Greater Boston photographer Joy LeDuc.

I really loved that these photos weren’t just to capture a time of year or the age of a child, but that they were, instead, a celebration of a special time in this family’s history.

Boston family photographer Joy LeDuc. Golden hour mother-daughter photos in Acton, Massachusetts. Lifestyle photography for children, families and pets.
Blowing bubbles at the Acton Arboretum in Massachusetts. Mother daughter photos at Golden Hour.

Years from now, when Andrea talks to Baby B about that special time when Aunt Bethany and her girls came to stay, they’ll have the photos to look at as they remember the beautiful, sweet time they spent together.

Thank you, Andrea, Bethany, and sweet little ones!