Fun-Filled In-Studio Family Portraits | Boston Family Photographer

When the rain is falling, we go into the studio for Boston family photos!

When the weather in Greater Boston got chilly last fall, it turned quickly! This family had hoped to do their family photography session outdoors but it was blustery and the air was biting, and with a little one who had cold we decided to stay toasty and warm in my studio.

Mommy and me photos while little brother has a snack. Natural light family portraits Boston.

Little brother was still waking up and in need of a snack when they arrived, so it was the perfect opportunity for mommy and me photos in the beautiful mid-morning light.

These two were so cute during their tickle party! It’s clear that this sweet girl knows how lucky she is to have such a wonderful mom.

The holiday card winner! Boston family portraits in my natural light studio.

Pretty soon, everyone was feeling like themselves and we got plenty of contenders for that prime holiday card photo! It was pretty hard to choose one to put here because this family is just so beautiful.

Baby lumberjack on the move! Cozy November family portrait session indoors.

And none of us could resist getting a few photos of this guy in his teensy outdoorsman outfit! Tiny jeans! Tiny vest! Tiny red hat! How could anyone not fall in love with this little one?

Mom and baby boy during family portrait session in Stow, MA.

And we had so many good laughs along the way! Even though this family had hoped to do their family photo shoot outdoors, they left telling me how glad they were to do them indoors after all. It was better for the little guy and his cold, it made snack time and wardrobe changes easier, and no one had red noses. All wins!