Preparing For Your In-Home Newborn Session | Sudbury Family Photographer


One of the biggest benefits to doing a newborn photo session in your home is that you’re already there!

No need to get everyone in the car and drive somewhere. Everyone’s already comfortable and cozy in the space (especially big brothers and sisters). And, above all else, snacks and changes of clothes are at the ready!

Here are just a few tips that will help you to get ready for your in-home newborn session.

In-home Sudbury family photos with newborn. Sudbury family photographer / newborn portraits.

Find the Light

Lighting can be tricky in our New England homes, especially when the weather isn’t cooperating. We’ll turn off the overhead lights during your session in order to invite cleaner, natural light into your photos.

So one of the first things to think about when preparing for your in-home newborn session is which of your rooms gets the best light. This family has a living room with a huge wall of windows, which created lovely light even though the day was overcast.

Mother cradling newborn’s head on pillow. Sudbury newborn photographer / in-home newborn session.
Newborn yawning during in-home session. Sudbury family photographer / Boston newborn photographer

Have a Couple of Outfits Handy

All newborn clothing is so adorable, but you probably have a favorite outfit for your little one. Let’s start with that one! But definitely have one or two other outfits handy, both for variety and for, well, when nature calls. Blankets and wraps also work as outfits! (If only we could do the same as adults, right?)

Here’s some really good newborn fashion:

Newborn wrapped up in a blanket. Sudbury family photographer / Boston family photography.
Infant girl focus on toes. Sudbury newborn photographer / Boston newborn photos.
Newborn girl on mother’s lap. Sudbury in-home newborn photos. Sudbury newborn portraits.
Newborn girl in-home session / Sudbury newborn photographer / Boston newborn photography

Do Some Light Cleaning

When we shoot in your home, it doesn’t have to look perfect by any means, but a quick wiping down of surfaces in the rooms you think we’ll be in will do a world of wonders.

Usually that means your bedroom, the nursery, and the living room.

Mother in nursery with newborn. Sudbury infant portraits / Boston family photographer
Dad holding newborn near windows. Sudbury newborn photography / Boston family photographer / natural light / lifestyle

Let’s face it: you have PLENTY going on with a newborn. You might not remember any of this! And that’s totally fine. We will figure it out as we go. But if you do have a chance to think about these things, your session will go even more smoothly and we’ll be able to focus on your connection first and foremost.