The Benefits of Studio Photography for Family Photos | Greater Boston Family Photographer


For the last several years, winter has arrived on the later side in Massachusetts. Not this year! The snow arrived with a bang this November and has yet to melt away as of the writing of this blog post.

Even though I’m not usually a fan of winter, I’m excited about all of the cozy studio sessions I’ll be doing over the next few months for all the newborns, kiddos, and family portrait sessions!

While I love outdoor and in-home sessions, studio sessions have a few distinct advantages.

No weather worries


Weather in New England can be all over the place. From snow to sleet to (freezing) rain, we have it all. And while many of us love having four seasons, it can make it very tricky to schedule with a busy photography business.

Studio sessions eliminate all of that stress about the weather. We set a date and a time, and barring a blizzard, we’ll stick to the schedule! It’s always warm and cozy in my studio. I have tea and hot chocolate at the ready. And we can play fun music to get everyone in a cheerful mood!

Wear whatever you want


My studio is always kept between 70-75 degrees, so you can wear whatever you want for your photos! Feel like getting cozy on the bed in pajamas? Do it! Want to wear a short sleeved dress in January? Why not! Feel like being barefoot? Go for it!

You’re free to choose the clothes that you really want to wear without having to worry about whether the day of your session will accommodate your outfits.

No clean up


For in-home sessions, you do need to pick up a little and do some cleaning, which can feel like a lot on top of getting your family’s outfits together, making sure everyone’s hair is behaving, trying to get everyone in a good mood, etc.

One of the biggest benefits of an in-studio session is that you come into a photo-ready space, get your photos taken, and leave the mess behind!

Beautiful light


I’m a natural light photographer, and oftentimes when we shoot in bedrooms for newborn sessions, there just isn’t a lot of light. That means we have to stand really close to the windows or move to other parts of the house.

The lovely thing about my studio is that it’s filled with beautiful, soft natural light. So when we take cozy photos, we can focus on your connection rather than on getting everyone near a window.

I can’t wait to see you in the studio!