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Sudbury, Massachusetts family chose to do an indoor/outdoor newborn session to welcome their second baby girl! This spot in Carlisle at Great Brook Farm is just one of many gorgeous spots for Greater Boston family photos. Lifestyle newborn photography.

This sweet Sudbury, Massachusetts family welcomed their baby girl three weeks early, so she was nearly a month old by the time their photo session rolled around! Since it was still warm and big sister was up for playing outside, we did most of their photos outdoors at Great Brook State Park in Carlisle.

Outdoor sessions are great for big kids, like this brand new big sister! Sudbury, Massachusetts indoor and outdoor newborn photo session. Boston family photographer. Natural light lifestyle photography.

It was so much fun to have the full family photos done outdoors. Oftentimes, people think that the sunniest days are the most desirable. But on cloudy days like this one, the colors were popping and it was so much fun to capture their sweet, early days as a family of four.

Cloudy days are beautiful for outdoor sessions because they allow all of the colors to pop! Greater Boston family photography in late summer. Sudbury, Massachusetts outdoor family session. Newborn portraits.
Smiling newborn baby girl during this Sudbury, Massachusetts family’s newborn session. Indoor/outdoor newborn portraits. Greater Boston newborn photographer.
Sweet moments with Sudbury, Massachusetts family’s newborn photo session. Indoor and outdoor session in Greater Boston. Boston family photographer Joy LeDuc.

While we spent a majority of their time outdoors, I wanted to make sure that this baby girl had her own newborn images, too. A few days later, I went over for a quick indoor session to capture a few quiet moments between baby and mom.

In-home newborn photos in Sudbury, Massachusetts. Natural light lifestyle photography. Greater Boston newborn photographer. Natural light photography.
Newborn details during Sudbury, Massachusetts newborn photo session. Lifestyle newborn photography.
Lifestyle newborn photography in Sudbury, Massachusetts. Natural light lifestyle photography in Greater Boston. Quiet newborn moments with unposed portraiture.
Unposed lifestyle newborn photography in Sudbury, Massachusetts. Greater Boston newborn photographer. In-home newborn session.
A quick indoor newborn session after a full family outdoor session for this sweet baby girl. Sudbury, Massachusetts newborn photography. Greater Boston family photographer Joy LeDuc.

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