A Thing I Do Every Time I'm at My Parents' House | Boston Family Photographer

A photo of my grandmother with my dad and uncle in Honolulu in the 1950s.

My family lives halfway around the world in Hawaii, so when I go home I think that I spend more time looking back on things than I would otherwise. I moved here to Boston almost 13 years ago and my family doesn’t have a history here, so I spend most of my time looking forward. But now, as a family photographer, when I go home I spend a lot of time flipping through our photo albums.

I learn something new every time I look through these albums. They’ve allowed me to get to know relatives I never had a chance to meet in real life, and they’ve given me the opportunity to see myself in my ancestors.

All of this encouraged me to begin printing more of my own photos. I’m so guilty of taking a million photos and allowing them to languish on my phone or online.

But then they’re forgotten.

Photos are meant to be printed

While it’s incredible to have digital files to share online and to have in case anything happens to our printed versions, photos are meant to be printed.

They’re a gift that you’re giving yourself, your children, and the generations who are in the distant future. Clicking through photos on a screen will never compare to the magic of stumbling upon an album and slowly taking in each image, turning the pages back and forth to absorb all the details.

Yet, it takes time to create beautifully designed albums, which many of you are short on. As Gretchen Rubin always says, “A thing that can happen at any time will often happen at no time.” Which is what many of you have expressed about creating albums.

Or, alternatively, “I used autofill—that’s why my husband’s head is cut off in that photo.” Whoops!

I want to make it easier for you

I’ve begun incorporating albums into my packages at a significantly lower price than their a la carte value because I want to make it easy for you to have them without a lot of thought or effort.

The albums I’m ordering for my clients are:

  • Printed by a lab that only serves professional photographers

  • Printed on archival quality paper with a velvety matte finish, so the colors are beautifully true to life and will last for generations to come.

  • Laid out by designers so that you aren’t at risk of cropping your loved ones out of any images

Are your digital files languishing on your hard drive? I encourage you to get them printed so that visitors, family members, your children and, one day, their children can stumble upon them and experience the magic of being transported back that time in your family’s history.

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