Personal Photo Project 2019: Kona Tucks Herself In | Boston Family Photographer

Week 3 of my 52 week project features my corgi, Kona! Family photographer Boston, natural light, candid.

The day that we met Kona, she was grumpily sitting in a water bowl while her 12 siblings tried to drink out of it.

As the only fluffy corgi out of the 14 (two litters—one was an oops!), we think she felt that she had the right to make the water dish her own personal pool since she had so much more fur than the others and it was a 90 degree day.

To this day, she has maintained that queenliness. They call corgis “personality dogs” and now, five years in, it’s clear to me why. Even though she doesn’t speak, Kona communicates with us clearly in her own way.

The other day, she sprained her leg while running around outside and for the next couple of days she was quiet and sad, which is unusual.

Usually she’s busy telling our neighbors who’s the boss (even though they can’t hear her) and following me around waiting for me to drop some scrap of food (it happens often).

I walked around the house looking for her that night and eventually found her in this spot.

When she was a puppy, Kona used to tuck herself in behind the curtains. Just like us humans who regress when we’re sick, she went back to her baby-days habit.

I just finished @michelleobama’s book and in it she talks about how much happiness their dogs Bo and Sunny brought to their family, creating normalcy in a very abnormal lifestyle. That’s it in a nutshell. They don’t care who you are or what you have (unless you have cookies—that matters), they only want to give and receive love.

We could all learn a lesson from them.

Joy LeDuc