A Word About Weather | Boston Family Photographer

Family playing in the snow in Concord during portraits with Boston family photographer Joy LeDuc.

My husband, a native New Englander, likes to say, "Don't like the weather? Wait five minutes!" Weather in New England is volatile, and although I truly wish that I could control it (it would be my chosen superpower), I can't.

In the week leading up to your family photo session, I'll be keeping an eye on the weather. If it looks like rain or snow is definitely going to be falling during our session, I'll get in touch about what you'd like to do. 

We have a few solid options:

At-Home Shoot

In-home photo shoots are some of my favorites and it couldn't get any easier for your family. One of the nice things about being at home is that everyone's already comfortable there! Yes, you may have to pick up a bit, but overall in-home shoots can be really fun and can showcase your family in their element. It can be fun to have pictures of everyone baking cookies or reading a book together to get those lifestyle shots that are so much fun. 

Studio Session

I have a studio space in Stow, MA! It has white walls, big windows, a classic (non-functional but still beautiful) fireplace, and wide plank wood floors. I would love for you to come and check it out. The nice thing about shooting in the studio, aside from being cozy, is that you don't have to worry about getting your house photo ready. We can drink hot chocolate and turn on the tunes! 

Brave It!

If you're up for a session of puddle splashing or snowball fights, I'm in! As long as the conditions aren't dangerous, I'd be happy to capture your family in the rain or snow. In fact, I think it could lead to some of the most epic photos your family will ever take. 


If you had your heart set on taking your photos outside, we can reschedule. Space, especially in the fall, is very limited but I will do my very best to make sure that we find a date that works!