Get The Whole Family Excited About Your Family Photo Session | Greater Boston Family Photographer

Does it feel like pulling teeth trying to get your family to take photos? Boston family photographer Joy LeDuc shares her best tips for getting the whole family excited about photo day!

What's the secret to having a stellar family photo session? 

It starts long before the session even happens, and it really isn't about the session itself. Here are the steps to getting everyone on board with the family photo session this year:

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Introduce me to your kids

It can be weird to meet a new grown up for the first time, so it helps if you can tell them a little bit about me before the big day. Do they like travel and geography? You can tell them about how I'm from Hawaii.

Do they love dogs? Show them my Instagram profile, which has plenty of pictures of my dogs Kona and Louie.

Some parents explain that I'm a friend of the family, and that we're going to have a fun time together in which their kids get to be the stars of the show—which is entirely true!


Have your own pre-party

I can't say enough about how helpful it is to plan something fun to do before and after your photo session. My suggestion is that you plan something fun but relatively low-key before your session so that your kiddos still have energy by the time they arrive. It can be as simple as flying a kite in the same location as your shoot, to visiting a nearby museum or attraction, to going for a special snack at a cafe. 


Have a car karaoke jam session

Everyone loves James Cordon's "Carpool Karaoke" and for good reason: because it's so much fun to sing in the car! As you're on your way around town and to your session, turn up the music and rock out to your kids' favorite songs. It's really hard to be grouchy when your favorite music is playing, and music can totally change the tone of the day. You might even create a playlist and begin your car karaoke jam sessions in the weeks leading up to your session, so you'll be total pros by the time the big day arrives! 


Plan a reward (for everyone)

Plan on doing something fun after your family photo session is over.

In the summer months, that sometimes means a trip to the local ice cream stand.

In the fall, it might be apple cider donuts or hot apple cider from the farm stands.

Some families go to a favorite restaurant for dinner, or to a bookstore or toy store to pick out a prize for good behavior. And don't forget to plan a reward for yourself, as well!

Documenting your family's memories is such an important part of your history, but it also takes planning on your part. While your beautiful photos will be a reward down the road, give yourself an immediate treat. You deserve it!