Photographing My Family on Oahu (Travel Post) | Sudbury, MA family photographer


Growing up in Hawaii, my parents took me and my sister for family photos every year and here's the irony: I hated it.

I remember sitting in a dark studio under bright lights and holding my breath and clenching my teeth while smiling directly at the camera and trying not to move.

Our photographer was such a nice man but I never liked the way we looked in those photos. If only we'd had a photographer who wanted to capture us as we really were--interacting, laughing, moving, and cuddling outside in the sunshine.

I mean, what better backdrop is there than Hawaii?

So for the photos I took of my family when we were back in Hawaii last month, we went outside despite the iffy weather. After a family party, I took my sister, her kids, and my dad down the street to a park near our house. These are some of my favorite photos. I love the way my nice and nephew look at my sister. 


My nephew and my dad are best buddies, and it's the cutest. When my sister showed this picture to my nephew, he said, "Look at those handsome guys!" Which is the EXACT same thing my dad said. 


And then we took a few on the University of Hawaii campus, in the gardens behind the Kennedy Center. My sister and I used to run around back here when we were kids and my parents went to grown-up functions. 


We all agree that this picture is the best of the set. Just before taking it, I said, "Mom and Dad, look at each other lovingly!" This was the result:


Now we're planning our next trip home. Can you blame us?