I’m Joy LeDuc, a Boston photographer of families, newborns, children, and pets! I use natural light whenever possible and prefer candid, organic moments over posed ones.

Hey, beautiful!

Over a decade ago, I moved from Honolulu to Boston to get my master's degree in writing and found that it was photography that helped to tell the stories that I wanted to show the world. 

Fast forward a few years, and I began to turn my camera toward the people around me.

I found that, through my lens, I could show people the beauty that I saw within them and tell the story of a particular moment in their lives. I now work as a visual storyteller, helping families and brands to tell their stories through photography.

While New England is now the place I call home, I carry the spirit of aloha with me wherever I go. The Hawaiian music station from Pandora is often playing my home, which I share with my husband, James, and our two dogs, Kona the corgi (total diva) and Louie the wonder rescue (who is very camera shy).

I would love to tell your story through photos! Let's find time to chat about the memories that you want to make.