Photo by Lyndsay Hannah

Photo by Lyndsay Hannah

Hi, I'm Joy!

Despite being born and raised in Hawaii, my family took all of our portraits in studios. I remember having to grit my teeth, hold my breath, and stay very still for the camera. It's no wonder we always looked so stiff! 

But our photo albums are the first thing my parents would take from their home if they were allowed only one thing. Family photos are precious, invaluable heirlooms. 

When I started taking family portraits, I knew I wanted the experience to be different. 


Let's tell your family's story, so that you can remember this moment for decades to come.

I came to Boston to get my master's degree in writing and found that photography helped to tell the stories that I wanted to show the world. 

Fast forward a few years, and I began to turn my camera toward the people around me.

I found that, through my lens, I could show people the beauty that I saw within them and tell the story of a particular moment in their family's lives lives. 

Your family deserves photos that include you in them

So many of you tell me that you don't love being in front of the camera.

But, mama, your family deserves to have you be a part of these memories that they can revisit any time that they want to!

During my sessions, I take the tension out of the air by reminding you to focus on each other. It's a rare time for your family to be together with the goal of truly being present.

No phones.

No appointments.

Just time and space to laugh together, breathe each other in, and move through beautiful spaces side-by-side. 

When you focus on the love in your family, that's when you are your most beautiful self. 


I would love to tell your family's story! Let's find time to chat about the memories that you want to make.