Hello and welcome!

I'm Joy, and I'm so happy that you're here!

About a decade ago, I got my first DSLR to take pictures of the food that I was making for my blog. People were soon asking me to take pictures for their blogs, and I even spoke at a conference about food styling and photography.

Fast forward a few years, and I began to turn my camera toward the people that I love. I found that, through my lens, I could show people the beauty that I saw within them. 

When I began photographing families, I fell in love with capturing the ways they make each other laugh, the ways they look at each other, and my own ability to help them hold onto a golden moment in time with photographs that become family heirlooms. It was clear to me that family photography was exactly the right way for me to serve people. 

I'm originally from Hawaii and I carry the spirit of aloha with me. I came to the East Coast for graduate school—I have a Master's degree in writing, literature and publishing from Emerson college—but then I fell in love with the seasons, the people, and of course, my husband. We live west of Boston with our two dogs, Kona (a fluffy corgi) and Louie (the lab/hound wonder rescue).

My life is a lot like my photography; full of laughter and focused on connection. If we work together, we'll have fun capturing the precious images that you and your family will look back on for generations to come.


Our daughters warmed up right away and made our entire photo shoot go very smoothly!
— Stephen and Jen | Sudbury, MA